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In our April newsletter we featured an interview with Khalid Karim. If you missed it, here is a chance to catch up on what he had to say about social media and your business. 

Khalid Karim is the Business Networking Franchisor and Social Media Strategist for Pathway2Grow, Creative Director for ThinkFest Events and The Business Growth Show Event Director.

We asked Khalid some questions about the importance of social media. Here are his thoughts…

1) Khalid, just how important is having a social media presence for an organisation? 

It’s very important to have a social media presence so that consumers can connect with your brand. It gives them assurance there is a digital shop front or a space for them to review the product or services on offer. It helps them with that extra due diligence.

social media globe

2) How can having a strong social media campaign benefit an organisation? 

A strong campaign definitely helps with brand awareness. Organisations can split test campaigns to find out what works and where things can get tweaked to play to their strengths. 

3) Do you think that an organisation needs to have a social media strategy?

Rather than a social media strategy, I would say all organisations need to have a “social selling” strategy for implementation or a blue print to transform a sales team as part of a digital transformation.

4) Is there one platform that is better for a business to use such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram or do businesses need to have a presence everywhere? 

I would not say there is one platform that beats the rest. They are all good for showcasing, advertising and raising brand awareness. Twitter is great for having conversations similarly to Facebook. LinkedIn is very good for targeted B2B social selling. Instagram is also a very good medium even if you don’t have any visual or physical products, you can still be very visual with your message to increase eyeballs to your posts and raise company profiles. The same with new methods such as Snapchat.

5) Finally, if you had to give one top social media tip, what would it be? 

Be consistent, regularly post and engage with your audience and always get quality content out there with added value.

Thank you very much, Khalid. 

Social media wallpaper

Social media wallpaper

If you would like to find out more about Khalid and how he can help your business, email him at: or you can view his profile on Linkedin.

If your business is struggling to keep on top of its social media, why not try a social media apprentice. They are cost effective and can grow with your business. If you would like to know more, please get in touch. 

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