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What’s Your Problem?

  Do you ever think that you could do more to attract or retain business but you’re not sure exactly where you are going wrong?   Try this technique to see if it will help you: Get a pen/pencil/phone/ipad etc and make a table like the one below. Fill in all the communication methods you use. These might include email, face to face networking, Facebook ads, leaflets.   How I communicate with prospective clients How I communicate with existing clients…

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An Interview With…Khalid Karim

An Interview With… In our April newsletter we featured an interview with Khalid Karim. If you missed it, here is a chance to catch up on what he had to say about social media and your business.  Khalid Karim is the Business Networking Franchisor and Social Media Strategist for Pathway2Grow, Creative Director for ThinkFest Events and The Business Growth Show Event Director. We asked Khalid some questions about the importance of social media. Here are his thoughts… 1) Khalid, just how important…

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Stop. Think. Communicate.

Stop. Think. Communicate. Lyn Calver You would probably agree that much of the communication we do now is in written form whether it be email, text, on social media or even in a letter. When you write a letter, you probably take the time to check it through for mistakes or ask someone else to check it for you but can the same be said of the rest of your communications? In our fast paced society, many people are expected…

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