Sorry to bother you but…

  Anyone who has watched Very British Problems or followed them on Facebook will probably remember the segment on the use of the word ‘sorry’ by us Brits. Seemingly, we can’t get enough of the word and even Adele decided to write a song about it. We use it when we walk into people, and when they walk into us. We apologise for being late, for being on time and for being early. We apologise for the way we look,…

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An Interview With…Khalid Karim

An Interview With… In our April newsletter we featured an interview with Khalid Karim. If you missed it, here is a chance to catch up on what he had to say about social media and your business.  Khalid Karim is the Business Networking Franchisor and Social Media Strategist for Pathway2Grow, Creative Director for ThinkFest Events and The Business Growth Show Event Director. We asked Khalid some questions about the importance of social media. Here are his thoughts… 1) Khalid, just how important…

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Networking – is it really for me?

Networking – is it really for me? I’ve been attending quite a few networking events recently and it’s been interesting gathering various points of view about whether networking is really a useful tool in business. Nobody can deny that you get to meet many other small business owners. This is where the case becomes controversial.  Some wonder what the point is of meeting other people in the same situation as yourself when it will be rare that they want to…

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