Improving your confidence when delivering presentations or training

The fear of speaking in public is one of the number one phobias. Many professionals need to present to either peers or clients at some point in their career and sometimes the learning is overshadowed by issues caused by lack of confidence and presentation skills. Many people rely on Powerpoint and make that the focus on the presentation rather than thinking about the best way to convey the information they have to give.








Who is it aimed at?
Employees who need to present or deliver training and feel that they need to be more confident. It is also suitable for those not in these roles but looking to move into a role with these responsibilities. This course contains elements of our Training Trainers course so could form part of this delivery or be an introduction to the full course if desired.

What does it cover?
• Tips for improving confidence when delivering.
• Setting objectives.
• Effective delivery skills.
• Presenting skills and how to design effective PowerPoints, images and handouts.

How long is the course?
This is a half day course.

How much does it cost?

Half day courses tend to cost between £30 and £75 per person.

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