Academic Writing

Who is it aimed at?

Employees who are aiming to undertake academic courses as part of their workplace development and need to improve their writing skills. This may be college or university courses. In our experience a number of adults drop out of formal high level courses because they are not prepared for writing reports or essays and do not understand what is required of them. This can represent a high monetary cost to their employer as well as the time lost in attending the course without completing it.

What does it cover?

The course introduces participants to the basics of academic writing. This includes how to use a formal tone and write using complex sentences and advanced punctuation. There will also be a short introduction to referencing and research. Participants will then be asked to produce a short essay based on some research and will be given feedback on their ability to produce academic writing to the desired standard.


How long is the course?

Initially a two day course but can be extended if a need is identified.

How much does it cost?

Two day courses tend to cost between £100 and £175 per person.

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