Sorry to bother you but…

  Anyone who has watched Very British Problems or followed them on Facebook will probably remember the segment on the use of the word ‘sorry’ by us Brits. Seemingly, we can’t get enough of the word and even Adele decided to write a song about it. We use it when we walk into people, and when they walk into us. We apologise for being late, for being on time and for being early. We apologise for the way we look,…

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Five Habits of Ineffective Communicators

Communication Failure We all know people who struggle to communicate well, but there may be some things we are all doing that could make us ineffective communicators. Have a look at the following five habits and see whether you are guilty of any of these.   Number One “Not Today Thank You. I’m Very Busy.” Bad habit number one is constantly telling people you are in a rush and don’t have long to speak to them. Obviously, sometimes it can’t…

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All About Apprenticeships

Following on from National Apprenticeship Week, you might be considering taking on an apprentice or wondering whether an apprenticeship is right for you or someone in your family. There are no easy answers but there are some things to consider and I hope my blog might give you some more insight to help you make your decision.   Thinking of Taking on an Apprentice? An apprentice can be a good solution for a small or medium sized business looking to…

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More or Less…

I’ve jumped on the bandwagon of giving out January advice. There are lots of people making resolutions, or choosing not to make resolutions, and lots of people giving advice about resolutions so I thought I would join in. Now, although I’m not generally a fan of resolutions, I do agree with the idea that the new year can be a good time to start putting in place the changes you want to make. Putting on the advice giving hat, I…

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