Improve Your Communication Skills

Who is it aimed at?

Any employee who would like to improve communication at work. This could be a need identified at performance review or through a desire to improve themselves for their own CPD.

What does it cover?

The course will firstly identify all the different forms of communication available and the effectiveness of each such as the use of body language and tone. Different types of communication used in business will be covered such as email and memos and the etiquette of each. In the second part of the course there will be time for each person in the group to take part in some role play and to identify their strengths and weaknesses in different situations. These scenarios can be tailored to your company’s needs such as role play involving customer complaints or working with other employees in high stress environments.

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How long is the course?

A one day course. A half day introductory option is available, which would not include role play.

How much does it cost?

One day courses tend to cost between £50 and £100 per person.

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