Functional Skills Resources

Resources designed to support the delivery of maths and English Functional Skills using the new reform specifications. 

What’s different about the materials? 

  1. The practise books are all tailored to specific vocational areas with questions made as relevant to the industry as possible.
  2. There are plenty of explanations and opportunities to practise.
  3. They can be used within a formal taught session or independently by students. 
  4. Apart from the PowerPoints and quizzes, all materials are printed so don’t rely on students having internet access. 
  5. Our life skills workbooks are designed to support students in practising important life skills such as managing money.  

What resources are available?

For each topic there will be a:

  • PowerPoint with explanations and some Try it Out questions
  • How to Guide that can be worked through with tutor support and which matches the PowerPoint
  • Practise book for each vocational area 
  • Group activity for tutors to use in the classroom. This might be a quiz or a manipulative

We also have a range of life skills workbooks to allow students to apply their knowledge to real life scenarios such as renting a house, going on holiday or using public transport. 

Free Samples

Clock on each item below to download your sample.

Fractions L2 – How to Guide

Fraction L2- How to Guide ANSWERS

Defining Fractions & Finding Fraction Parts PowerPoint

Fractions L2 – Card Sorting Activity

Fractions L2 – Practise Book – Hairdressing

Fractions L2 – Practise Book – Hairdressing ANSWERS

Life Skills – Maths L1 – Renting a Property

Life Skills – Maths L1 – Renting a Property ANSWERS

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