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Networking – is it really for me?

Networking – is it really for me? I’ve been attending quite a few networking events recently and it’s been interesting gathering various points of view about whether networking is really a useful tool in business. Nobody can deny that you get to meet many other small business owners. This is where the case becomes controversial.  Some wonder what the point is of meeting other people in the same situation as yourself when it will be rare that they want to…

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If we can’t have it now, is it worth having?

If we can’t have it now, is it worth having? Western society is travelling at breakneck speed to becoming an instant society. We are becoming used to everything being instantly available whether it be food, information, gifts and entertainment. How many of you have given up on finding the answer to a question because it didn’t come up on the first page of Google? Studies show that 50% of us give up on waiting for a video to play if we…

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Six Easy Steps to Improve Your Presentation Skills

Six Easy Steps to Improve Your Presentation Skills Do you feel nervous about delivering your first presentation? Do you wake in up in the night worrying about how you come across? Do you feel that you could improve your skills but aren’t sure how? The tips below should help you improve your confidence in presenting. 1. Find out what your ‘distract’ is When they present, many people unknowingly distract the audience with a repeated trait. This might be constantly using a…

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