Being Assertive

Who is it aimed at?

Any employees who would like to improve their confidence in being assertive in the workplace. This would be suitable for those who need more confidence in working with customers or clients or when interacting with other staff. It would be a good first step for those looking to progress to a role with more responsibilities. Sometimes new employees can benefit from this type of course to help them integrate in the company. It could also be useful for those who can come across as too aggressive or rude and need to practise turning this into confidence instead so that they don’t upset colleagues or customers.

What does it cover?

The course will deal with differences between being assertive, being over-confident, being aggressive and being domineering. There will be time to discuss situations or scenarios where people may need to be assertive. Participants will have the chance to take part in, or watch, role plays, which can be tailored to your company. They will analyse the reasons people feel they can’t assert themselves and discuss strategies to overcome these barriers. The course will also adapt some of the material to suit the company it is being delivered in.


How long is the course?

A half day course.

How much does it cost?

Half day courses tend to cost between £30 and £75 per person.

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