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The Art of Achievement

After reading an interesting article by Dr Travis Bradberry on procrastination, I began wondering how much of our day we really spend on procrastinating and ‘doing other things’ instead of working towards the things we really want to achieve. Look back over the last 24 hours. What did you do? You’ve probably listed things like: went to work, had dinner, took the children to school, sat in the car, cleaned the kitchen, watched TV, checked Facebook, delivered a presentation etc.…

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If we can’t have it now, is it worth having?

If we can’t have it now, is it worth having? Western society is travelling at breakneck speed to becoming an instant society. We are becoming used to everything being instantly available whether it be food, information, gifts and entertainment. How many of you have given up on finding the answer to a question because it didn’t come up on the first page of Google? Studies show that 50% of us give up on waiting for a video to play if we…

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