Proofreading Service

Proofreading Service for Small Businesses

We all know how important it is that your business documentation looks as professional as possible. A misplaced apostrophe could deter clients and lose you business. An unfortunate spelling error could even damage your reputation.

As we all know, it is much harder to proofread your own work than another person’s work.

I will check and correct spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors to ensure your business maintains a professional image across all communications.

Wasted paper

I can proofread any documents including:

  • Social media campaigns

If you are spending money on promoting your social media posts, you won’t want to  send them out with errors. Even a free post on your page could damage your reputation if it goes viral.

  • Emails, letters and reports

These professional documents need to represent your business at its best. Make sure they are error free.

  • Presentations

You will probably have spent hours preparing a Powerpoint for your business seminar or to show a client. Imagine the embarrassment when an error appears on the big screen in front of everyone. Don’t let it happen – get your presentation checked.

  • Website text

I offer two options for websites. If you are able to provide your website text in full, then I will apply the pricing structure below. If you cannot provide the text, I will assess the website and give a quote based on proofreading the pages accessed from the main menu.

  • Brochures

Don’t spend hundreds or thousands of pounds on printing brochures only to find that there are errors inside. Let me check the text for errors before you send them for printing.

  • Leaflets/banners/signs

I’ve seen a number of banners with spelling errors on and they often become a talking point for the wrong reason. Don’t let yours be one of them. Remember printers usually have a disclaimer that proofreading is the responsibility of the client.


£5 per 500 words.


24 hour turnaround for up to 1000 words.

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