Content Review

Content Review

Does your business have any of the following?

  • Website
  • Leaflets
  • Brochures
  • Facebook/Linkedin pages
  • Newsletters
  • Email campaigns

Is your content conveying the right message?

Is your communication easy to understand?

Is the way you present your material suitable for your audience?

If not, you might be throwing your money down the drain and wasting time.

Our content review service is designed to help you feel more confident with the message you are sending to your potential and existing customers and clients.


Pricing Options


£40 Review of two content mediums (i.e. newsletter and Facebook) plus one hour Zoom call with feedback and recommendations.
£20 Per additional medium you wish to have analysed.

Book your review now.

Here is some example feedback,

You have some great information on your site but the presentation isn’t very clear for the reader. The paragraphs are too long, which means people’s attention will fade. You could split this page into four paragraphs with subheadings and make it more likely that people will read all the content…

You often share images and articles from other sites, which will be of interest to your audience, but don’t comment upon them. This means the audience lose the link to your business…

To find out how your content could be improved get in touch today to book your content review.


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