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Lyn Calver


Sorry to bother you but…

What’s Your Problem?

Five easy ways to get your message across

Six easy steps to improve your presentation skills

If we can’t have it now, is it worth having?

Networking – is it really for me?

Stop. Think. Communicate.

The Art of Achievement

When does a first impression become a last impression?

First Impressions Part 2: What Does Your Profile Picture Say About You? 

The Twelve Days of An Office Christmas

More or Less…

Five Maths Skills Everyone Should Master

The Needs of the Many

Does Your Organisation Have a Secret?

Taming the Passive Objector

All About Apprenticeships

Five Habits of Ineffective Communicators

An Interview with…Khalid Karim

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Communication of content Part One – Relevance

Communication of Content Part Two – Context

Communication of Content Part Three – Correct Medium

Time management

Making communication easy

Broken promises

The correct use of bare and bear

Were and we’re

Converting between miles and km

The correct use of capital letters

Finding 10%

Possessive apostophes


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